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Monthly Archive: July 2016

Humidity Balancing Act

Some appliances are just plain mundane. The humble toaster sits on your kitchen countertop, idle most of the day. The blender only goes hog wild in the morning for a few seconds. Then there is the hand mixer which is hidden away in a drawer and a small, insignificant nut mincer. Most people can do without one or more of these simple devices. I am making the case today for a different category of animal: the humidifier and its mate, the dehumidifier. Now we are talking practical, handy, almost life-saving, and heath promoting.

Why a whole blog on this topic? Listen up. Having one or the other running continuously in your home can make a real difference to the quality of life of the denizens within. Because they combat dry or humid air, both of which can be annoying, bothersome, and unhealthy. If you have one each of these state-of-the-art appliances, you can bet that the whole family will feel better in no time. What can be accomplished is a little known fact.

I challenge you to give it the 30-day test. You have nothing to lose and much to gain. It’s a relatively short period of time. Try the humidifier in the dead of winter and the dehumidifier during the dog days of summer and see what I mean. If you are happy with the results and alternate your units year-round on a permanent basis, you will have achieved the perfect home balancing act, worthy of audience applause.

Let’s recap. A humidifier works to impart moisture into the air by means of released steam or mist, according to the set up on the unit. It can run for hours at a time before the water tank needs to be refilled. Having a six-gallon capacity is going to enable you to ignore the maintenance chore for almost a day at a time—even more. You can even get a whole house humidifier that makes it really simple to improve the living conditions throughout your abode. Running throughout the night is particularly important for light sleepers who need all the relief they can get. It is all about breathing better in a more relaxed manner. Extreme dryness that exists at certain times of the year in arid climates can create hacking coughing jags that affect nighttime rest. It can desiccate the skin and irritate the eyes.

A dehumidifier is just the opposite. It takes moisture from the air, a problem in tropical climates and cities like New Orleans, Louisiana. Too much humidity can make breathing a chore for some asthma suffers and people with respiratory ailments. While it is beneficial to the skin and eyes, sweating can be uncomfortable and cause chills and ague.

Allergy and asthma victims swear by their humidifiers and dehumidifiers depending upon what is bothering them at a given time of year. Dry nasal passages can wreak havoc with sound sleep. Labored breathing can be improved. If in doubt, just ask your doctor. He or she will set you straight on the reasons why acquiring the right model will be a boon to your health.