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Daily Archive: July 5, 2020

Those Who Lead by Example

Here we mostly talk about 30-day structures as a means of goal-orientation and being able to achieve anything, but I realized that something’s missing. The first step towards achieving self-betterment is making important adjustments on a daily basis. After all, we’re talking about 30 days and the start of that plan begins on day one.

So, let’s deviate a bit from long-term goals and focus on the short-term incremental improvements to our daily lives. We’ll do this by taking a look at successful people and their daily routines. Let’s see what we can learn from them. After all, who better to take an example from than someone who’s already made it big?

Ludwig van Beethoven, one of the most accomplished classical composers, had a very strict routine. He’d get up as early as 05:30 and he had coffee for breakfast – exactly 60 coffee beans per cup, without mistake!

Then he would work until noon and have a meal. His afternoon was mostly occupied by his long walks. As the day would wind down, he’d visit the local taverns and read the newspapers. In the evening he either read, composed, or went to the theater. He went to bed at 22:00. Now we’re not saying that you should count coffee beans, but rather the lesson we can learn from Beethoven is that the earlier in the day you get to work, the better. This way, most of your day will remain free for leisure activities.

Winston Churchill was living proof that you don’t need to spend more time at the office to get things done. Although he’d get up early as well, Winston would stay in bed from 07:30 to 11:00, reading newspapers, having breakfast, and dictating to his secretaries. From 11:00 to 13:00 he’d bathe and spend time relaxing in the garden after which he’d retire for a multi-course hearty lunch until 15:00. Only then he would get to work and get as many things done as possible with a clear head and a focused attitude.

At 18:00 he’d take a nap, bathe again, and after waking up, spend the rest of the day with friends or family. He’d only get to work again an hour before going to bed. He used to claim that his frequent naps and baths were a huge enabler to his productivity, and even though he didn’t spend most of the time working, when he did, he was very productive. Even if you don’t have time for long baths, make sure to take some self-time. Take a shower whenever you feel overwhelmed. The tankless water heater I recently bought did wonders for me on this front, since I’m now able to get in the shower whenever I feel like and spend as much time as I’d like. Plus, they’re environmentally friendly.

I’m sure that you can find a more suitable routine, tailored to yourself, but we wanted to make a point of taking care of yourself, even when things get pretty hectic. If the most creative and productive minds could, why wouldn’t you?