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30 Days to Becoming More Productive

We all want to be more productive, no matter what job we pursue. Any department in a hospital knows of what I speak as a lot of coordination has to take place. Using whatever tools we have at hand, We owe it to the people around us to perform at our maximum. It makes their work lighter and it is a most respectful gesture. The whitecoat clipboard is the supreme tool to make organization instantly happen. Everyone will know their job and where they are supposed to be at any given time. Each member of the team knows where they stand.

This clipboard is basically a fancy to-do list that will focus the work day and keep employees on track. The whitecoat medical clipboard has the advantage of opening up to store things inside to maximize the dissemination of information. Your list can be in plain view along with anything else you need like pens and contact information. It simply keeps momentum going. It is definitely one of those things you will want to try for thirty days to see how much it improves productivity.

You can get them ready made, although not entirely customized to your liking. You can make and update your own with color-coded magnets, charting materials, and dry-erase tools. It is best to start with a pre-prepared whitecoat clipboard if you haven’t worked with them before. Many are created just for hospital use and include mounting hardware and anything you need to operate it. They are designed for surgical programs, nurses, ER tracking, therapy schedules, clinic traffic flow, patient schedules, and incident reports.

I like custom boards that come as a kit with printed titles. You get column headings so you can fill in the fields as needed. Some boards have you make your own modifications. Patient details for example are easy to store and post.

Top quality whiteboards with porcelain-like dry erase magnetic surface will not stain, crack or fade over a lifetime of daily use. They come in different sizes and configurations. There are printed whiteboards with grids columns and rows. Some companies produce as many as 300 whiteboard kits that are task specific.

Once you commit to the concept it is easy to train staff to use the boards consistently and productively. Think of the errors you will avoid and the time you will save having boards as your organizational tools. It’s not that I am trying to sell the boards for some personal gain. I have seen poorly-crafted makeshift versions that defy productivity in hospitals that beg to be replaced. Productivity is more than boards, of course, and it takes training of staff in the goals and objectives of each team. Appointing the right leadership will ensure best results. Students, nurses, and healthcare professionals all agree that whiteboards are time-saving guides. After all, they have been designed by people who work in the very same places where they will be utilized. An awful lot can be accomplished with their use.