30 Day Tags

Clean House, Clean Mind

You can improve anything if you set your mind to it. You can change bad habits into good, wrong thoughts into positive feelings, and idle ways into productivity. And you can do most anything in thirty days like losing ten pounds, learning a new skill, or remodeling your kitchen. You can conquer the odds that are against you at every turn. Life is one big battle for survival so make it worthwhile.

It is all about wanting something, like the old saying denotes “where there is a will, there is a way.” You can tackle the impossible like stopping smoking or take on a challenge like learning a new sport. You can apply yourself in a million new ways. It is an exciting possibility to confront change and self-improvement. Nothing just happens in a beneficial way automatically. You have to control situations and people and get them on your side. You have to learn to turn the tide.

Some habits that are hard to break include sloppiness and disorder. A messy desk may well reflect a messy mind. The same holds true for your home. If you are loathe to wield a vacuum or dust rag, it indicates a certain laissez-faire attitude that is not desirable in any human being. No one wants to hire a slob or derelict. No one trusts a person who lives below his means. You must be true to your nature, of course, but not true to bad habits. You have to show you care.

Clean house, clean mind I always say. Project your mental control by taking care of your home. At the very least, tackle that desk. Get rid of all of those papers that are on it, give the top surface a wipe down and then pull out a good quality handheld vacuum and give the area underneath your desk and around all of your cables a clean. It is a symbol of your waking life. Make it speak volumes about your organizational ability and desire for everything in its place. This is a good rule of thumb as you go through life and any career you embark on. It is your alter ego and as such it must be in complete control, as a mirror of your inner self.

Are you a person that walks blindly through life, stumbling through work, teetering through play? Do you feel out of sorts with those who lead. When you let things slide, like chores, you become a follower, someone average and frail. Living in a dirt-filled environment, laden with clutter and trash, is a sure sign of needing help. You have to be aggressive about tidiness and diligent about waste. Think of discarded items as the refuse of life. Get rid of them so that your world is filled with energy and strength. There is no room for creativity in a messy sty.

Take my words for what they are worth. They are meant to prod you into a new view of your surroundings so you can take charge of things. Clean up after yourself, or hire someone to do it, but get it done on a regular basis. Believe in self-improvement and it, in fact, can be yours.