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Moving Out and Up

buddytrukdormMoving is a very daunting, but exciting, proposition. It is a chore to box things up in odd-sized cartons and wield that mighty electric stapler wildly trying to keep everything in its place. But it is a new beginning of sorts that promises opportunities yet untapped.

You sort through your life in bits and pieces, trying to make sense of why you kept all this stuff in the first place and what memories are, or were, attached. Do you still care? You know you have to choose wisely as space is always at a premium. Part of the fun of moving is to buy new things and replace the old–in with the new, out with the old as the old adage says. But it is your life that is going into the trash basket so think long and hard as you cram the boxes full.

You want to organize your items in marked boxes so unpacking is a breeze. You can’t afford expensive prefab ones, so you do it yourself and assemble the cheaper kind. You buy a carton stapler, some heavy duty tape, and some tissue to wrap the bric-a-brac of your environment and keep it safe. It is a major job to be sure.

People say change is good every so often, but not the bad kind like death, divorce, or losing a job. We try to avoid negative change. Getting the chance to live in a new space is the right kind of alteration you need in your life when things get dull, stale, and routine. Moving up is the best revenge (the real George Herbert phrase is “living well is the best revenge” but what’s the difference?). It means a new job, new people, new places, and new scenes. It means expansion and growth, not retraction and defeat. No wonder people love to move. It means the best is yet to come. Aren’t we full of platitudes today!

Packing is time consuming and arduous; unpacking is about the same. No one likes it. You have to make room for your former self in a whole new context. One thing at a time, you place things appropriately with a new twist if you are clever. You never want to copy a former lifestyle. You must think of a new color scheme to apply judiciously to each and every room (hopefully you have many). You now have a chance to recreate yourself, if only for the moment. It is called building a new image and it applies to one’s appearance and personality as much as one’s surroundings. You get to have a lifestyle do over when things go awry.

So consider yourself lucky if you are about to pack up and take leave of your former space. Look at empty cartons as unfulfilled opportunities and the staple gun as a tool of progress. Think big, think better, and think “moving on up” like the Jeffersons of old TV. It can be a wonderful way to take stock of your life and refashion your world in a new image, one borrowed from somewhere else or one created in your mind.