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Yes, You Can (and Stay on Budget)

Good habits make for an easier life. Eating right, getting enough sleep, exercising, staying organized and orderly are all good directions to follow. They lead to health, wealth, and happiness. Saving money is another big one t add to the list, perhaps one of the most important. If you have money problems, everything else falls by the way side. It is not easy to set good money habits for yourself, and a good place to begin is with an acceptable and strict budget. The problem with them is that people let them go. They make excuses on a regular basis for ignoring what they have decided. Budgets are for everything you buy: large and small. Of course if you want to buy a house you set budget parameters. The same goes for a car or a boat. The bigger the item, the more you must have an established goal that you simply cannot exceed. But, people often forget about the little things that add up. If you seek good prices and discounts, you will keep your budget under control. Each bit of savings is that much more you can spend on something else. So a great rule in life is to live by a budget. Make that a family practice.

Let’s look at a smaller ticket item like a cheap hot tub – let’s say under $500. Let’s say this is the next family purchase. You don’t just run out and get the first one you see because you are in a hurry and don’t want to spend the time looking for bargains. You also don’t get the cheapest one if you care about quality. You look into the right mixture of low price and good, reliable construction. No one wants to pay more than they have to, but no one wants inferior goods. You can get a deluxe model of a hot tub every day of the week, but do you really need one with LED exterior lights and a spill over waterfall? A hot tub is a soaking tub of sorts for you to enjoy with family and friends. Just make sure it is big enough for several people and that the heating unit if fast and reliable. It must fit the space you have designated and look attractive in its new home on your patio or in your yard. You can find nice wood construction or aluminum—it is all a matter of price. At the low end are inflatable hot tubs. You can find most anything you want without breaking the bank. Just make it a habit to stay on budget and you can’ go wrong and stray.

So here is one example of being budget conscious and how easy it is to comply. With any product, there are dozens and dozens of choices. Make a list of your absolute requirements and that will help keep down the price. You will be able to pare away what is unnecessary that adds significantly to cost. Price dictates a lot of decisions.