30 Day Tags

You Are Worth It!

Personal improvement is a wonderful goal for everyone, whether they are happy with themselves or want a better life. It is all a matter of degrees. Transforming one’s being can happen in as short a time as one month if you set your mind to it.

The most obvious areas are in physical fitness and nutrition. In 30 days you can work your muscles into toned ropes and rev up your stamina to operate on high. You can boost memory and recall by eating vitamin-laden foods like fruits and vegetables and you can lower cholesterol and bad fats. You can keep carbs in check and diabetes at bay while you shrink your stomach and tighten your abs.

Yes, self-improvement is possible in a very short period of time. It is often about diet and exercise, changing one’s way of thinking, and embracing positive change. One thing that is sometimes forgotten in all this healthfulness is sleep. Getting too little often denotes depression and negative moods. It starves the body of energy and the ability to function normally, if not at peak strength.

One way to get regular sleep is to go to bed at the same time every night. It is often said that eating too late is a deterrent. Furthermore, you need a quiet ambience away from music and TV which can stimulate you to stay awake. Reading or sending emails, for example, is anathema. There is also something about the light from a cell phone or computer screen that is not conducive to nodding off.

Reading a book is a better bedtime activity. Never do exercise as it has the opposite effect. Light reading in semi-darkness is sure to get you drowsy. If you are fretting about it all, have a glass of milk as it is known to aid sleep better than over the counter supplements. I am a bit leery about them anyway as they are not always FDA tested. Who knows what chemicals or synthetics are involved.

Everyone wants gentle, natural sleep without resorting to dire tactics. One of the first things to consider is the state of your mattress. If it isn’t comfortable, you will toss and turn. It has to be the right amount of softness or hardness and there is no rule about that. A top-quality mattress can bring peaceful, restorative sleep. Studies show that sleep patterns are easily disruptive on the wrong type.

When choosing a mattress, you have to lie down on it to be sure it suits your needs, and this takes more than two or three minutes. It pays not to make snap judgments at the mattress store. You will want to try out a mattress designed for back pain if you have never considered it. It can be truly miraculous. The extra money spent will be returned handsomely in repeated sound sleep. You should be able to fall asleep within ten to fifteen minutes as a rule of thumb.

The right mattress is a bit of heaven and we owe it to ourselves given the amount of time we spend in bed. We are infinitely worth it. You don’t want to skimp with such essentials. You want to buy among the best and expect them to last a long time. Replace them as needed before they sag to the floor. You won’t do yourselves any favors by keeping them for eternity.